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Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

What is the Cineport?

Cineport makes it easy to discover and submit to hundreds of film festivals and screenplay contests all around the world. Best of all.

How do I sign up?


Sign up free as a filmmaker, writer or festival . Adding your project or festival is incredibly simple from 'My project' or 'My festival' tab after you signed in your profile.

How do I get help or support?

Please email us at Info@cineport.ir or call us at 0098-919-991-3007 and speak to a real human being who will be happy to help you right away

International distributor?

Who sale and distribution 

Are fees refundable?


Cineport platform official platform for all festivals?

No. Some festivals use our logo in their official websites and choosed Cineport platform as official platform. About other festivals,we just translate their rules and submission must be done by their official platforms.

What is the Catalog?

Catalog is a birdge between buyers and Iranian movies. You can find it here:

What are the Cineport advantages and benefits?

- Totally free for filmmakers and festivals 

- No commissions

- Free translation for festivals

- Free promotion and advertising for festivals 

- Support all time online with real men!

What is your rate for exchange?

In Iran there is diffrence between Dollars price that in note or online, because we must buy online dollars in higher price than regular one, so online dollars rates is mostly 15 percent higher than regulars

What is the art setvices?

we provide what an artist needs in creating an art work

How to use art services

You must call to our office

Filmmaker FAQ

It's Cineport really free?


Cineport is the  submissions platform that is almost free for filmmakers and screenwriters. That means the whole site and every feature. Naturally, some festivals charge their own entry fees, but we never charge filmmakers an added fee for use of our service. There are hundreds of festivals on FilmFreeway that are completely free, too!

Can I upload my film,script or photo?

Yes, and that’s also 100% free. Our online screeners play seamlessly, in beautiful, crystal-clear HD quality. We understand how vitally important it is that the viewing experience for your film reflects the same quality and attention to detail you put into creating it.

Can I submit using Vimeo or YouTube?

We only use Vimeo.com embeded

Do I transfer rights to my work?

Absolutely not. Our Terms of Service will never require that you license us rights to your work. You always retain 100% of all rights to your intellectual property

What format does Cineport recommend?

Cineport accepts all major video formats. We transcode videos for playback compatibility and performance, and recommend that you use settings close to our output settings:

Maximum video bitrate: 2200 Kbps, H.264, mp4
Audio bitrate: 128 Kbps, AAC
Aspect ratio preserved; maximum video width of 1280 pixels

How to track submission status?

Just check my submissions menu

Status changes in My submissions means?

Submission status changes when your movie meet festival rules and judge status will change by juries

Refund policy

There's no refund availability.

How to use consult service

Go to my projects page , select advice. after payment we will call you

Festival FAQs

How much does it cost for film festivals?

Cineport is always 100% free for festivals that don't charge entry fees. It's also 100% free to list your festival.

we don't get any commission 

Are there start up fee?


Nope. It’s 100% free to list your festival. No setup fees of any

Can I steel use other submission ways?

Absolutely. Cineport is 100% non-exclusive. You can use any additional submission platforms you like. We want your festival to be as successful as possible!

Also, Withoutabox® dropped their exclusivity requirement in 2013, so you are now free to keep your Withoutabox® account and list with FilmFreeway as well

How long does it take to list my festival?

Listing your festival is incredibly simple and fast. Your festival can be live and ready to accept entries in under 10 minutes, absolutely free.

just put Cineport submission button in your festival site. 

Do I have to create special discount or deadlines for my festival?

No. We’ll never require you to create mandatory “discounts” or arbitrary deadlines. It’s your festival, you can manage it however you like

Do I have to sign up for a contract?

No. We’ll never require any long-term commitments or contracts with Cineport. You can start and stop at any time

Can I update my festival in middle of a season?


Yes. You can access your festival anytime to easily make updates or add new information. We're here to provide a helpful service, not dictate how you manage your festival

How do you process payouts?

When we receive money, it is credited to your cineport account instantly. There are never any deadlines by which you must track films to get paid. We process and send payouts via PayPal on 22th the  of each month if your account balance reach 150 $ at least.
You can also request your money any time by email.

How we can promote our festival?

We have several ways to promote festivals. 1) Pin your festival submissions pages in top of first page that is 100 $ for a month 2) pin your festival as sponsored festival in search page that is 70 $ for a month. 3) promoting in email blast for filmmakers and professionals for 100$ 4) Writing a reportage (includes interviews, introduction and festival calls etc,.)  like spotlight on festival that will publish in several news agencies in Persian and English version that is 300 $ 5) post festival calls for entry as social media marketing for 3 days in one month that is 200$.