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Cineport platform is 100% free for filmmakers and festivals, we won't charge any fee or comissions for our platform services. Filmmakers only will pay if a festival has entry fee.


About Cineport platform:

Welcome to Cineport. Cineport platform allows filmmakers and screenwriters to quickly and easily submit their work to film festivals and contests all over the world.  We do this through our websites and domains, the services available on or through our websites and domains or otherwise provided by us, and the software available on or through our websites and domains or otherwise provided by us (including our mobile applications) (collectively, the "Services").

 The Platform "Cineport" is the property of "Cineport international media." located in I.R.Iran.
These general terms and conditions establish the legal conditions for using our Platform, both on the part of directors and distributors who will use the same to promote their works, and on the part of the festivals that will use it as a working tool. The use of our website implies the acceptance of the present terms and conditions.
All users are allowed to upload up video clip files through our website whose content is in agreement with that which is hereinafter indicated. 
The word "user" signifies a person who has carried out correctly the signing up process as a director, distributor or associated festival.
The word "director" signifies a person who uses our system to have his/her work reach our associated festivals.
The word "distributor" signifies an organization whose main object is to represent directors for the promotion of their works.
"Associated Festival" signifies a festival that having decided to use our Platform as an aid to its organization, proceeds to sign up in our website and include us in its database as a film sending means.
An associated festival website can provide in its front page, if it has one, a logo link to our Platform.
Video clip files uploaded from directors´and distributors´ private zones could be removed from our server if the same were not submitted, within two months, to any of our associated festivals.
Associated festivals will also have the possibility to upload video clips from their private zone. Both those video clips and those that were submitted under any category by any user will be available for up to one month after the closing date of the relevant festival. Until that moment, the same can be downloaded from our servers.
While the video clip files remain in our server, users can use our website to send their work to whoever they consider appropriate, by inviting them to view them or to download them via email address. The Platform administrators reserve the right to limit the same if they consider this function is being misused.
When signing up in our system, directors and distributors accept that our festivals´organizers can consult their film data sheet and the associated trailers

The submission fees are non refundable in any conditions 

we will gather the entry fees from submitters by PayPal so the submitter must accept the PayPal terms and conditions .